Heavy Snow Leaves A Heavy Heart
This is pretty tough to write but I'm doing it for two reasons. One I spent all morning preaching at you to help people that need it with their snow removal. Two who knows maybe it'll help someone or even help me.
Levack Versus Firefly
On February 27th at 2pm Tay and his Globetrotters will try to stop me and my Generals at the Times Union Center. Get your popcorn ready!
Bad Customer Service
Lately I’ve noticed that the more I go out the more I am disappointed. Whether it is a fast food joint, chain restaurant or even the higher class places in the area, Why in the world when I take my 7 year old daughter out to a chain restaurant that is supposed to focus on a family at…
Christmas Magic Picking A Tree
I must admit I wasn't really feeling Christmas. Which is sad because it is my favorite holiday...(barely beating out Columbus Day I mean when else can you celebrate a guy that if GPS was around wouldn't be important)