For 30 years Doc Severinsen was the band leader and the guy who wore the flashy outfits on Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show'.

Douglas Dubhglas Zaffa/YouTube
Douglas Dubhglas Zaffa/YouTube

Today, Doc is 95 years old and still plays a mean trumpet. In fact, he's on tour. PBS recently featured Doc in a 2021 documentary called American Masters: Never Too Late. And apparently for Doc, it's not.

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Doc Severinsen will perform, what is expected to be, his final show on Saturday (Travers Day) August 27th. He'll be supported by the San Miguel 5 as he blows the trumpet for the last time in a show called The Final Roundup: Doc Severinsen's Last Show.

The Daily Gazette talked to the show's producer, Kevin Bright, who confirms this will indeed be the end of the road:

It’s the last tour, last show. This is it

Bright says even though Doc won't be touring anymore, he won't be slowing down his routing anytime soon:

He’s an avid gym rat and works out three times a week. His workout would put me under the table. And he practices trumpet four hours daily. If he doesn’t do that he says he thinks he’s in trouble.

The show is set to take place at Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga and it's already sold out. No word on if more tickets will be released, but if you somehow have the means to get your hands on some, do so because this will be a night to remember with a beloved musician and tv star.

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