I have to admit I am a little tired of all the "Tonight Show" bits that get shared all over the internet. While they are usually quite good, there seems to be an overload of Jimmy's minions going crazy over everything that happens on the show.  I wonder if anyone even watches it live anymore with all the really good stuff getting shared all over the place after the fact. This one however, especially today I had to share.

Jimmy Fallon of course has an amazing band called " The Roots" and they have been featured in a lot of clips with musical guests of the show, Jimmy and the band crammed into a room back stage and singing a song with little to no instruments. Again these are usually pretty entertaining but this one which is  A Capella is my all time favorite because 1. It's Star Wars and 2. It has R2D2 in it. the only thing missing is YODA!


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