One of the Capital Region's best and most well known restaurants will be closing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If there is one business sector that has been hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, it's the restaurant business. And now it has forced one of the area's most beloved eateries to close for the winter season.

According to a Times Union story,  Hattie's Restaurant will be closed December 20th through sometime in March.  Even with a 50% ceiling on capacity, Hattie's has remained open on the weekends for dinner and brunch. Owner Beth Alexander told the Times Union they could close sooner if the capacity is reduced to 20 percent as it would not remain feasible to stay open at such a low capacity. This closing will not affect Hattie's on Route 50 in Wilton, which will remain open for takeout and delivery.

From our most legendary eateries to the new guys on the block, the pandemic has been so tough for anyone in the restaurant business to stay open, Especially those establishments that depend on patrons dining in. The fact that a beloved eatery like Hattie's feels the need to close shows you just how tough it is to do business in the current climate. It's just another reminder to do your best to support the restaurants that are still open over the next few months as much as you can! (GIft cards to local eateries make great stocking stuffers!)

The silver lining here is Hattie's closing is not a permanent one. The legend will live on and you'll be eating chicken and waffles again before ya now it!

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