Yesterday Price Chopper recalled their Italian-style stuffed peppers sold at their Market Bistro store in Latham.

The product sold between Friday and Tuesday, has a UPC code of 23641-20000, according to a statement from Price Chopper.

The problem is the stuffing which contains anchovies, a known allergen.  Anchovies was not listed on the ingredient label.

If you aren't allergic to anchovies, you are good to go!  The peppers are safe for you to eat.

Customers who bought the peppers were alerted through Price Chopper's SoundBite notification program, which uses purchase data and consumer phone numbers on file in connection with the company's AdvantEdge loyalty card.

You can return the product to their local Price Chopper for a full refund.

For more information visit or call 1-800-666-7667, option 3.

Lou Roberts