I never wanted to believe Lance Armstrong cheated but when you look at his sport and the way he dominated it, it was always hard to believe fully that he didn't. Thing is EVERYONE in cycling appears to be cheating in one way or another. I don't say this to excuse him but rather to stop The International Cycling Union from trying to make him THE villain of cycling.

They stripped him of all seven of his Tour De France titles and he has lost major endorsements worth millions. Thing is every runner up in the races he won has already been found guilty of cheating so they have NO winner from 1999 to 2005. So yes he cheated and yes he is being punished BUT let's not forget what he did with his fame. If not for Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong Foundation MILLIONS of dollars raised for the fight against cancer may never have been donated. I know more then a few people in my life that looked to Armstrong and his story of survival as motivation to fight on in their own lives.

I'm not saying forget that he cheated, I'm asking before you condemn him weigh all his actions and maybe realize what he did wrong on a bike is far out weighed by what he did right with a little yellow bracelet.

I'm Levack and that's my View From The Couch!

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