There are many restaurants trying to be innovative in finding ways to stay open once the cold weather hits. Some places are going to try and heat an outdoor area while others are getting creative with what is around them. A Lake Placid resort and restaurant is relying on out of order gondolas. Now that the coronavirus seems to be on the rise again and local restaurants are trying hard to stay open and afloat, restaurant and resort owners have been forced to get creative on how they can serve their customers in a safe environment.

According to Notes On Napkins, Whiteface Mountain Ski Center has sold some of its gondolas to the Cottage Restaurant and Cafe at the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid. The inn will be repurposing the enclosed people movers to be located on its deck for outdoor dining. Each gondola will contain chairs and a table. They aren't saying how many people will be able to sit comfortably around the table and eat in each gondola but it looks like enough space to at least sit four to six comfortably. What a great idea.

Many people from the Capital Region take a day or weekend trip to Lake Placid and Mirror Lake. Now that most of us aren't traveling long distances or going on vacation, the short beautiful drive to Mirror Lake is a favorite destination. The gondolas will be at The Cottage at The Mirror Lake Inn which features comfort food like soups, sandwiches, beer, and wine. It has been named the top destination in North America by Ski Magazine several times.

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