I gotta tell ya this reminds me a lot of Garth Brook's whole "Chis Gaines" experiment. Lady A's Charles Kelley must be getting a little bored waiting for their new tour in November because he seems to have started a little side project to keep him busy . To be honest though , other than it being sort of an "alter-ego" that has a music base outside of Country music, there isn't that much I see in common between "ChrisGaines" and "Dick Fantastic".


Yes you heard me right , Charles Kelly who incidentally is one of the coolest, nicest and funniest guys out there, is moonlighting as "Dick Fantastic and the Fabulous 4 Skins". While the whole "Chris Gaines " thing was a little confusing, I think Charles' alter ego may just be the one confused.

If you are free on August 13th you can head down to Nashville and catch their show. Here is a little promo "Dick" did to tell you all about it!


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