We all want to have a safe and happy Fourth of July but we should also be aware of the safety and happiness of our pets too. Here are some tips for keeping your furry friend safe throughout the holiday. If you own a pet, you know that the July 4th holiday can be stressful and frightening for them. According to WANE.com, there are a few things to remember so that your pet can have a safe and happy holiday too.

  • It will be very hot during the holiday week so keep pets inside your house or in air-conditioning if you can. (This will also help with noise reduction during fireworks.)
  • Always make sure fences and gates are secure when your pet is outside.
  • Make sure you always have identification on your furry friend's collar.
  • Keep your pet's information up to date if they are microchipped
  • Make an area in your home for your pet during fireworks with the television on to drown out the sound of the display.
  • There are certain foods your pet can't consume including grapes, raisins, olives, onions, garlic, and an ingredient called xylitol found in many candies and gum.
  • Pool chemicals are also hazardous to your pet. Keep these is a safe storage area away from your pets.

These are just a few tips to help make your furry friend's 4th of July as safe and happy as yours.

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