I am a big fan of Adam Sandler comedies! From Billy Madison, Happy Gillmore, The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy. I love em all, heck I even liked Little Nicky!!! Therefore, I was glad to be able to check out an advanced screening of Sandler's new flick "Just Go With It" co-starring Jennifer Aniston and my new celebrity crush Brooklyn Decker.

Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who for years uses a fake wedding ring and fake stories to pick up women. He meets Decker's character without using the ring, but she discovers it . Sandler talks Aniston, who is his assistant in the doctor's office,  to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife. One lie after another leads to a trip to Hawaii and hilarious consequences.

"Just Go With It" New York Premiere

Watching the previews, I was suprised that Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews are also co-stars in the movie, as they are never featured in any trailer. It was a good surprise though at they were great additions to the cast

If you love to laugh, this is definitely the movie for you. From beginning to end, there are belly laughs galore. It also has it's  romantic tender moments too, so it's a great date movie for this Valentines day Weekend!

Brooklyn Decker

I highly recommend this movie to all you Adam Sandler fans out there. Jennifer Aniston and Sandler have great chemistry that certainly helps make this movie enjoyable. Guys, you will definitely have a crush on Brooklyn Decker too  after seeing this movie. Head out to the theatres this weekend, it's worth it!

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