We've depended on him for decades anchoring the local news. We've enjoyed reading his honest musings, strong opinions, and introspective views through various columns and social media platforms. So when News10 ABC's John Gray stopped by the WGNA Morning Show on Tuesday to talk about dealing with the loss of his beloved puppy, Samuel, John once again proved to us why he's a Capital Region treasure.

John Gray is no stranger to emotion.  His honest and revealing nature is one that has helped us


connect with him on so many levels.  In this audio clip from his interview with Brian and Jess from Tuesday morning's show, John once again proves to be as authentic and real as anyone we've invited into our homes or radios. John was discussing his new children's book God Needed A Puppy when he shared a story about how he believed he experienced a "sign" from his deceased puppy Samuel that is was "ok to go ahead and get that new dog", something all pet owners can surely relate to.

But one that can only be shared in the style of Capital Region legend, John Gray.

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