Here we are on a Tuesday morning in June. You wouldn't know it by the weather forecast but there's always a bright side to everything. Trying to find the bright, or funny side is the reason we do the monologue in the morning, we take the news and try to find the fun part. And when I can I give you a second chance at hearing here on Here is what we talked about today.

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt will NOT be joining "Law and Order: SVU", as previously thought.
  • Britney Spears is engaged? That is the rumor.
  • A TV critic got fired for reviewing "Glee Live" without actually watching the entire performance.
  • The Oxford Dictionary is adding words like "twittersphere".
  • President Obama is making the economy a priority.
  • Fans in Cleveland celebrated the Miami Heat's loss almost as hard as if they had won. (I think they hate Lebron James?)
  • A new book claims that we almost lost a baby Ringo Starr during a bombing raid in World War Two.

All this in today's morning monologue on the "Sean and Richie Show" Listen to it and if you like it please feel free to comment that you did.