Looking for a new bottle to add to your collection? What's a better choice than this new bourbon rooted in country music?

Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line have announced that they're teaming up for a brand new bourbon, according to Delish. They've toured together, sang together, wrote songs for each other, and FGL already has experience with whiskey so they might as well make alcohol the next collaboration.

You may be familiar with Old Camp whiskey by Florida Georgia Line so they obviously have experience in the area (I recommend the peach pecan). Aldean decided to get into it by partnering and starting Wolf Moon, "Aged in new American oak casks for four years, the whiskey has notes of candied fruit, caramel, honey and sweet corn."

Aldean said that after they perform shows, they'd all decompress from the night backstage drinking. It was a way to relax and unwind so it only seemed appropriate to have his own with Florida Georgia Line. The bourbon isn't currently available in retail stores yet but it can be purchased online for about $35 a bottle.

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