Aside from May 4, there are few days in the year that Star Wars fans can show off how strong the force is with them. Halloween certainly counts as one of these days, however, which Jason Aldean and his family took full advantage of.

Aldean dressed up as Han Solo, son Memphis sported a Yoda costume, and wife Brittany—usually the epitome of glamour—chose to cover her pretty face up completely with a full head-to-toe Chewbacca suit. (Brittany is in the middle of her pregnancy with the couple's second child, a daughter, so no doubt the admittedly hilarious furry suit is nice and comfy.)

Brittany is a big fan of Halloween, as evidenced by her many Instagram posts showing off cool special-effects makeup tutorials (which she revisited this year here and here), but this costume likely will go down in her catalog as one of her best holiday moments.

The Aldeans are in the thick of building a brand-new dream house from the ground up, which Brittany shared several photos of this week. The couple shared back in July they planned to undertake the construction: "And so our new journey begins... we’ve decided to build our dream home in Tennessee," Brittany wrote. "Looking at the land it’s hard not to envision a place where our babies will run, laugh and play with each other for so many years to come... I can hardly wait to hear those little feet running down the halls."

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