Of all the artists that used to be big time on the charts, who do you miss the most. A lot of them like Ronnie Dunn, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and others are still cranking out the hits today.

The one that I personally miss the most is Clint Black. Clint is still active in music, and still sounds great to this day. He actually opened a label which was home to himself and Neal McCoy back in the early 2000's and ended breaking the label up a few years later. Think of all those Clint Black hits you know and love like "Killin' Time", "Put Yourself In My Shoes", "No Time To Kill", "When I Said I Do", "Nothin' But The Tail Lights", "Like The Rain" and many more.

Clint Black is totally capable of making hit music today. I hope he realizes it, and gives us some new music again soon. Any other Clint Black fans out there?