There are people across New York State that are still being deeply affected by the pandemic of the last two-plus years. Some of the people most affected? Families.

Governor Hochul announced this week that relief is coming to "struggling families." What exactly does that mean? If it's money, where is NYS getting the money from and how soon can people expect to see it?

How is Governor Hochul going to help struggling families?

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The Governor has directed the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance in conjunction with the Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund, to disperse additional one-time payments to New York families, statewide that are on public assistance.

So, where is New York State getting the money to share with these families?

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The money for this program is coming from a Federal program, the Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund which was established in 2021. That particular fund says that when monies are disbursed, they must go to families, as a one-time benefit, who are in need because of the pandemic.

How much will New York State be giving these families in need and when will it happen?

The amount that will be given out is based on the ages of the children. For each child between the ages of 3 through 17, families will receive $214. For each child under the age of 3, the one-time disbursement will be $150.  When will families start to get this money? According to the press release from the Governor's office, the disbursements will begin on August 12, 2022.

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