At 5am in New York the sun is still about an hour away from rising. Those that are up early for work might have a few lights on in the house and the streets are still dimly lit. If you are driving at this time of day would you see an animal running across the road? How about a huge hole, the size of your car in the road ahead?

One Upstate New York driver recently drove their car straight down into a sinkhole and had to be rescued by a nearby resident. Check out the pictures below.

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According to the United States Geological Survey, a sinkhole is one form of ground collapse. Basically it's a cavity in the ground typically caused by water erosion underneath the surface.

13WHAM reports that the incident took place Wednesday August 16th at approximately 5am in the town of Irondequoit, NY. Heavy rains fell in that area recently and may have been partially to blame for the creation of the sinkhole.

After we got the women out we couldn’t get the man to stand on the car so we could pull him out. I told him to stand tight while I was on phone with 911 asking them to hurry so we could get home out before the road collapsed more - Anthony DeSalvo

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