Some people love the rides. Others love the games. Live entertainment, animals, racing but for me, it's all about the food at the local fairs.

The largest mozzarella sticks known to man, fried pb&j, fried oreos, fried pickles, fried everything and of course food on sticks (I love food on sticks.)Ya know, I never did find the fried mashed potatoes I was searching for last year (no, they're not just like french fries!) or the fried peanut butter and jelly I was told I just had to check out. I went up and down the food lanes without success. Maybe this year is the year!

Schohaire Fair, Marissa

No matter what you love the most about our local fair season, you can feel the excitement in the air as the days creep closer to opening day for each! Here's a list of when the biggest fairs will be around this fair season!

Saratoga County Fair - July 18th-23rd - find more here

Erie County Fair - August 9th-20th - find more here

Altamont Fair - August 15th-20th - find more here

Washington County Fair - August 21st-27th - find more here

New York State Fair - August 23rd-September 4th - find more here

Columbia County Fair - August 30th-September 4th - find more here

Schaghticoke Fair - August 30th-September 4th - find more here

Fonda Fair - August 30th-September 4th - find more here

For the full list of fairs in Upstate New York visit



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