Hard to believe that it is now the same year that Marty McFly went to in "Back to The Future 2" So how much of the future in that movie has come to pass, well we still have lawyers (they were abolished in the 2015 in the movie), and we don't fax anymore or have phone booths but some of the things in the movie are definitely here in our daily lives or on the way.

We definitely have the big flat screen TVs, thumbprint bio metrics, Skype like technologies and "Google glasses" all of them had versions in the movie, but what about the hoverboard and the self tying Nike's?

Remember these?

It looks like both are right around the corner. A few years ago prototypes were made that looked like the sneakers featured in the movie complete with the light up logo and same design. They were made in a limited amount to sell for charity and actually raised a lot of money for Michael J Fox's Parkinson's foundation. Those did NOT however have the "self tying" technology. It seems that Nike however does actually hold a patent for the technology and word is they may even be out this year!

As for the hoverboard well, we are getting much closer. There is a company that has developed the "Hendo Hover" which if we are being technical is an actual hoverboard/skateboard but it only works on special surfaces right now and really doesn't do too much, but it's a start!

Check it Tony Hawk giving it a spin.

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