I suppose there are a lot of us who would like to throw a politician in a dumpster. Heck, lots of times I'd like to throw them all away and start over. But we never actually do it. I guess that is not the way it works in Ukraine.

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An angry mob outside the Parliament in Ukraine got a hold of Vitaly Zhuravsky and literally threw him away. They picked him up threw him in a dumpster, held him there, and then tossed an old tire and some of their drinks on him. It seems that Vitaly is known for voting for restrictions on anti -government protests in his country.

I am actually glad that the poor guy wasn't harmed but I have to believe that these idiots set their platform back quite a ways with this stunt. Do they really think that this guy or any of his fellow politicians are going to vote AGAINST restrictions on anti government protests now?

Like I said, it may seem like saying "Eh throw all the bums out!" makes a lot of sense but what these people did was just disgusting. I actually felt bad for this guy and wonder why anyone sometimes actually wants to try to serve the public.


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