Albany and tourist destination usually aren't two thoughts that coincide with each other. However we did make it onto a top 80 list of places worth visiting. Where do we rank?

Like I had said, maybe it doesn't exactly seem flashy with a lot of things to do. However, Albany does have history that could beat out a lot of cities and we have some other cool things as well. This comes from Wallet Hub, the full list is below.

Obviously we have The Great Escape. A theme park owned by Six Flags and one with a nice water park to cool off in. Now I know what you're thinking, The Great Escape isn't as appealing as lets say Six Flags New England. True. It is appealing to people who are thrill junkies and just love theme parks all together. The Comet is a pretty awesome old school wooden coaster with a lot of ups downs and fast turns. Will The Great Escape beat out Orlando and Disneyland? Certainly not.. But it is cheaper to come on vacation here than it is in Orlando and way less people to bug you.

While you're up that way you could also take a stroll through Lake George. Check out the outlets or take a walk to the beach. Alot of cool little shops in Lake George and some pretty good bars to boot. Plus If you are up there why not take a hike through the Adirondacks. Beat that mountain-less Orlando!!

Also the Capital Region is home to a world class race track, horses of course. Saratoga is an awesome place to spend a day this time of year. All the shops down the main strip. A Mall in Wilton and obviously the race course. Can we not forget the bar scene as well?? Among my generation Saratoga is notorious for it's weekends at bars. I'm sure that isn't just my generation. Would I call Saratoga a world class city? No, but its a great little pit stop if you're traveling to the capital region.

Las Vegas came in at number one, who would argue that? Orlando that's who. We don't though in my opinion compete hardly at all with Vegas. We have one casino and another on the way but hey, sin city has dozens if not hundreds.

We do have quite a rich history. I mean hey, we are the capital of one of the biggest states in the country. We are mere hours away from some of the largest cities across this great land and we do have things going on all the time. Maybe, just maybe Albany does actually get tourists. So just encase, lets set an example and ditch the Sm-Albany name, Ok?