Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, Tela Chhe

So last summer, my boyfriend ask me to marry him. We had been together 3 years by then, and I guess I'd have to say I had dropped a few hints before he asked but I really do not think i "pressured" him in any way.

We agreed at the time that we didn't have to set a date right away, and really, I was just happy to be engaged. Now as we head into this summer we still have not set a date. He says it's not that big of a deal, I have the ring, I know he wants to marry me and that when the time is right we will know it. (I assume that means HE will know it)

I told him, that waiting more than a year to "set a date" was unacceptable. That if we did not set a date soon I will probably break off the engagement. I told him it could be two years from now if he wanted, I just wanted to actually have a date set. He is now furious at me for giving him an ultimatum.

Was I wrong?

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