Most of the time, people have dogs, cats, and fish for pets, but one Schaghticoke man had some alligators in his home.

Alligator (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Sadly, the alligators were allegedly kept in tanks that weren’t adequate for their environment.

An investigation led to the man’s arrest by New York State Troopers, and six alligators removed the home by officers from the New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation. Aaron B. Bloom, the owner of the alligators, also had a potbelly pig that was allegedly in poor health.

Between the inadequate tanks for the alligators and the health of the pig, he ended up being charged with Failure To Provide Proper Sustenance To Animals. According to the article in The Times Union Bloom did have permits for the alligators, but those were confiscated by The D.E.C. As for the ailing pig, it was taken to the humane society..