Everybody knows what this is, right?  It's called an SD memory card.  In case it doesn't ring a bell, you use it in your still or video camera, or even in your computer to store your information.   This card set me back about $15 if I recall.  It holds a good amount of info -4 gigs worth.  Well, that's nothing compared to what they have now

The SanDisk company has come out with a card that has 128 times more room than mine.  It is a 512 gig card.  Retail price? $800!!!!!

sandisk 128

I found this one on Amazon, but I couldn't find the 512 yet, but it might be a good investment.  I figured you could hold 128,000 8 mp shots on there!

And folks - don't be shocked about the $800.  It will be $9.95 in about a month.

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