New Protocols a Highmark Stadium Make Buffalo Bills Fans Shout
This past Sunday at Highmark Stadium where the Buffalo Bills play, the mask protocols were not followed so now there are new rules being implemented. Announced yesterday afternoon, new health and safety protocols are being enforced both at Highmark Stadium and Key Bank Center where the Sabres play.
Buffalo Bills Fans Vax or No Vax Allows You to Shout
We found out last week that Highmark Stadium (New Era Stadium) where the Buffalo Bills fans play would be hosting NFL games at full capacity. However, there would be a vaccination check prior to the game. Now the Erie County Executive is saying that the county has taken back the requirement of proof of vaccination to attend Buffalo Bills games or any events at the stadium.
I'm Vaccinated But I Still Wear My Mask For Him
When this pandemic began and we were all required to wear masks, most of us complained but complied. While most adults complained of not only wearing masks but all of the other restrictions and limitations we had, it seemed most kids went about it unfazed.
Vaccinated BF Wants to go Out -She's not Ready-Love Cowboy Takes
Her EMT boyfriend is fully vaccinated and Carli hasn't even qualified for the first dose of the vaccine. He wants to go out and do things together and she isn't ready yet. She asks the Love Cowboy for some kind of compromise. Listen as the Love Cowboy takes a shot at Carli's situation with her vaccinated boyfriend.