Let me paint you a picture of my morning. I spring out of bed and hit the shower. Ready for the day I walk the dog. It was that second when my hair froze and the dog looked at me like she was finally ready to try and potty train. IT WAS COLD!!! I realize you already know that but let me go on about the thrills of going to work at 4:30

am. So dog walked and fed, drank my breakfast. That's not a "drunk Jeff joke" I drink shakes for breakfast. It's too early to cook. I walk to the car, It starts even though it clearly does not want to. Head to Dunkin get to the speaker and realize my window is frozen shut. So I get done fumbling with my automatic door locks, manage to order and scare the poop out of the guy working the drive thru because I was standing there when he opened the window. I do all this because of a strong love for all of you and the need to wish you all a happy birthday by 5:50 am. Ok I'm done crying. Have a great day and stay warm my friends!