Reports of ghostly activity have cropped up from at least 4 sizable Capital Region schools. Could yours be on the list?

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    SUNY Albany

    The University of Albany has two notable ghosts lingering around its grounds -- one in the Indian Quad, and another in the Alumni Quad. It's said that since 1994, the ghost of a young girl wanders around the Mahican Hall. At Pierce Hall, people have encountered apparitions of a woman, but not much else is known about her.

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    Saint Rose

    Like SUNY Albany, the College of Saint Rose is rumored to house a couple of haunted buildings. These accounts are the weirdest yet, so brace yourselves. Students in multiple halls of the college have reportedly seen apparitions, which is pretty standard. Except that they've also heard old-timey music, experienced things in the room turning off and on by themselves, saw orbs of light, and some have even reported being pinched on the butt by an apparition. WHAT?

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    Sage College

    This is definitely a creepy story -- a sad one, too. Nearly 200 years ago, what we now call the Sage College of Albany used to be known as the Albany Orphan Asylum. In the 1800s, a building caretaker started a fire in the basement that killed many residents. It's rumored that they still haunt these grounds.

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    RPI's West Hall is probably the most doomed to be haunted, because it used to be the Historic Old Troy Hospital. The ghost of a nurse named Betsy is rumored to still walk the West Hall. She worked in the Psychiatric Ward, and people have reportedly heard Betsy playing the piano as she used to do to calm patients down. People say they've also heard screaming and crying, in addition to door slams and thumps.