Have you ever gone out to your mailbox and noticed a scented dryer sheet all the way in the back of it? Me either. But you might see it soon. Spring has sprung and summer is around the corner which means an influx of bees. They love to find dark, cool places to make their nests and a mailbox is a perfect place. There is a trick that mail carriers use to deter these pests.

A mail carrier took to Reddit to get the word out that residents may be seeing scented dryer sheets in their mailboxes. He explained that this time of year yellowjackets and wasps like to find shelter inside a mailbox. He said several times he's reached inside to find three to five bees. His trick is a scented dryer sheet all the way in the back. He is asking folks who find these dryer sheets inside their mailboxes to leave them there.

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The bees hate the scent and it deters them from making their nests and even entering the mailbox. The mail carrier explained that it doesn't matter what brand just that it's scented. He also added that when the scent gets dull to replace it so it keeps them away.

I think we should be proactive and do this ahead of time for our mail carriers. Why should they have to risk getting stung? I have a whole box of those dryer sheets and I think I can spare one. I'm going to put one in the back of my mailbox today and you should too.

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