I hate  to be "that" guy, complaining about technology and social networking but I do sometimes find myself thinking that we are all losing touch with our humanity. I usually don't say anything because as an older guy I feel like I'm just that person who the world is passing by and I am just complaining because I just don't understand it.

I know that while in may be true that I am just loosing touch with the youth of our world, I also know that I see a whole lot of lonely people with tons of "friends" on Facebook. Maybe we should find a more accurate term for our social networking companions.

What I love about this video is it is done by a young person. A young person who is in the middle of it all saying "Hey, what are we doing here?" I also love that is is so well done and so very thought provoking. I wonder if you will agree or disagree with the message, let me know.