I am a rabid sports fan! I love my New York Yankees and my Oakland Raiders and I enjoy sharing my love of sports with my little girl. She really isn't all that sure why we love our teams but she cheers for them just the same. The problem facing me and all parents now is that a small group of idiots go to games just looking for trouble. Which means I can't safely bring my daughter to a live sporting event.

Growing up I loved watching sports with my dad, but one of my best memories was going to a Albany Colonie Yankees game with my mom. We were a big family that didn't have much money so a trip to Yankee Stadium or the Meadowlands was out of the question. I have one daughter and do okay so I would love to take my eight year old to a game, but when I see things like this and the violence I saw in person the last time I was at a Yankees/Red Sox game, there is NO WAY.I hate to even show this video but look in the background there are people holding kids and some of them are even cheering for the stupid fight.



The Raiders and 49ers have cancelled their yearly preseason match up because of this.

Then you factor in high definition and surround sound and why in the world would I ever risk my daughter's welfare at a live game? I know my team the Raiders is known for being the worst fans. They are involved in tons of fights including this one. It all just makes me sad that I can't take Ella(my daughter) to a big league game. Good news sports fans though, we have one of the best family sporting venues I've ever seen right here in the Cap Region. The Joe! The Valley Cats are a fun team and great time with fireworks and everything. So until the idiots knock it off my kid and I will stay local.