Once again, another fantastic experience!  You have to be there to totally feel the good vibes that happen with this school program (no brag, just fact..)  This time I visited Ichabod Crane Elementary, and they were ready to JAM!

 Mrs. Miller, Marcella and Scalzo's 4th graders were an absolute pleasure to work with.  I had a blast working with them.  Not only were they really creative under pressure (we only had an hour!), but they were also extremely polite - not only to me but to each other.  And that, coincidentally was the whole point of this song.
At Ichabod they put a great emphasis on "Paying It Forward" and being good to each other. Wow, could this world use a dose of that these days!
In fact, if you help each other there, you are deemed a "super hero", which is such a cool way to reward kids.
All of these 4th graders put their heads together to come up with this parody of "Deck The Halls"
photo by Richie Phillips
  Thanks to all the kids and of course the great teachers for having me in!