Mark Cannon didn't have to die. While he deserved to be serving his time in the Albany County Jail, he also deserved the proper medical treatment that anyone else would deserve.

I've sat here in my office now for a good thirty minutes staring at this screen. I've honestly been in disbelief because it was the first time I've heard of the case and the first I've seen of the video that has now been viewed nationwide.

It shows Mark Cannon disoriented, unbalanced, trying to keep himself upright as he attempts to get medical care. He knew something was wrong and he knew he needed help. He was brushed off. It was said to be heat exhaustion from the weights he had been lifting.

It was not heat exhaustion.

Over the next 12-hours his symptoms got worse. He's shown now being wheeled out of his cell down to the medical area. He's placed partially on a mattress, seemingly lifeless. At one point a nurse came to check on him and she wipes up some saliva that she equated to him having a seizure. A man with no history of epilepsy, by the way and should have had immediate medical care as soon as she witnessed, but he didn't.

By the time he did, 5 days into Cannon falling ill, it was too late.

Now, his mother has filed a suit and her lawyer is stating that had he received medical treatment at the time he originally showed the signs of what he died from, a stroke, his life could have been saved.

I know everyone is in jail for a reason, some for a lot worse of crimes than another. While I've searched and can't seem to find anything on his original arrest of even just a quick, cliff notes version of why he was in jail in the first place, my heart breaks for him to have to go through his final hours knowing no one was going to help him. My heart also breaks for his family, who not only know what he went through and that he was alone, but also that they too have this video to witness.

This is something that should never happen. Not to a person in jail, not to a veteran that needs care, not to a person that simply can't afford health insurance. Hell, this shouldn't even happen to a living, breathing animal. When medical care is to be provided it should be provided at top notch levels. Life is important, even if that life is serving time.

source: Times Union



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