This week while psychic/medium Maureen Hancock was on "The Sean And Richie Show", a dude Facebooked me and asked, "Sean, do you really believe in this stuff?"  Wow, that was kind of a tough question for me but I did my best to answer him, and I imagine there are others out there who would ask me the same, so I will try to explain it now.


It isn't really simple though, I'd say you would have to break it down into smaller more specific questions. With that in mind I will try to give you the answer with the combination of questions.

1. Do I believe in spirits?  Yes. I can only speak for myself but I know for a fact that there have been times that I know my father who died a very long time ago was in fact "still around me". I think that I could say with confidence that I have also felt that he has influenced me and my life from wherever the spirit world is.

2. Do I believe that living people can communicate with spirits? I hope so. I know that isn't a yes or a no but it may be the best I can do. I really would love to think that there is more to us than as Yoda said, "This crude matter". I have been with people I have loved when they died and if you have too, you KNOW that what is left here in this world just has nothing to do with that person. There is a "life force" and whatever it is , I would love to think it continues.  If it does, why would it not be able to communicate with the "life force" in the living? I think the trick would be in the ability of some to "hear" them..

Think of it this way , radio waves are constantly around us, everywhere you go and many different signals, but if you don't have a radio or "receiver" , you would not know they are there and if you have never seen a radio work personally, if I told you they were there, and I could hear them, you might think me insane.

3. Do I believe Maureen Hancock is the real deal?  Well, yes. If I didn't think she was good , I wouldn't have her on the show. Listen, I can not say with any certainty that my answers to 1 and 2 are accurate but if they are, why not Maureen? I can say she is the best that has ever "read" me. Without question she hit me with things that to most would seem even a little vague, but because I knew exactly what my father would say to me, and what he would want me to hear, it was dead on. I still remember that I was shook up emotionally for some time after.

So, do I believe in this stuff? I want to. I can say this though, even if all of it is totally faked and there is no spirits and no one can "talk" to them, what Maureen does is both amazing and therapeutic. Even if you thought she was "guessing" or "leading" the callers to where she thought they wanted to go for one she would be VERY good at it and two, having been on the receiving end of one of her readings, it can do so much good to your soul.

Take this call we got just this Friday. It was our second call with "Jane". the first call wwas with a guy ho was clearly skeptical and was pretty closed off yet he still got a pretty good reading by the time it was over. Jane however had one of the easiest readinfs I have evenr heard Maureen do, take a listen:

Right? It was pretty right on, and the main thing to me anyway is that Jane got to feel connected again to the man she loved more than anything in a way that she just couldn't anywhere else. Just that alone, is as they say, worth the price of admission!

You may have heard Jane say, "I can't wait to see you on the 29th!" That was because WGNA is bringing Maureen to the Capital District for One night only, next Saturday night. The show will be all live readings at The Egg in Albany. I think it will be a great time no matter if you are a "believer" or a "skeptic" either way I hope to see you there and I hope you either get a reading, or are effected by the others that do the way I am.

See You There!


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