If you missed the show on Friday , you missed a pretty special segment with psychic medium Maureen Hancock. We decided that since Mother's Day was on Sunday that we would allow people like me who have lost their Moms to try to reach them through Maureen. One of the callers we had on, "Marty" was totally impressed and happy with his reading , so much so that he called us back after to tell us how accurate and right on it was. He even posted to the WGNA Facebook page:

"Hello I was blessed to get through this morning and have the opportunity to speak with Maureen Hancock! Everything she said was spot on and I thank WGNA for giving me this amazing gift. I always try and get through for all the contest and never do, but this morning I did

I think that is pretty good praise. I remember him saying he was trying to get through and it was busy, so he said "Come on Mom help me out" and it rang the next time he dialed! He also told us that he had had the dream that Maureen refers to during the call the night before. Needless to say he was breaking up pretty bad at the end but he sure was happy to have had that connection made just before Mother's Day. Here is call with Marty from Friday morning on WGNA.

Don't forget Maureen will be in Albany this Friday night LIVE at the Egg. If you want to see her get your tickets now! There are some left but they are going fast.

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