We do many remote broadcasts at WGNA.  This one happened just this morning, and I am now officially in Autumn mode.  Have you ever been to this place?  Ellms Farms? (This is not a commercial, by the way.)

What a HUGE place right on Charlton Road in Ballston Spa. I only wish it was around when my son was little.

I mean, yes, there are a lot of locations to get pumpkins, lose yourself in a corn maze and the like, but I was actually shocked at how big this was! Here are some shots that I snapped.

Photo by Richie Phillips
Photo by Richie

Just what it says, folks. It's a HUGE pillow that kids (and adults) can bounce around on.  (Please, no summersaults.)

Photo by Richie

I was wondering where the corn maze was.  That-a-way!

Photo by Richie

There's even a little show for the kids-singing chickens!

Photo by Richie

A personal fave to sit there and watch-the duck races!

photo by Richie

One of our LOL crew members, Jordan,  Owner Chip Ellms, and me.

It was a beautiful day, as you can see.  I have to tell you, this is a FANTASTIC place to bring kids, and adults won't mind it either. Really puts you in the fall mood. If you want more info, here is their website.