Ever since I moved to Clifton Park, apparently I have not been doing my part as a Saratoga County resident.

I apologize for being a huge slacker when it comes to taking good care of myself. Since I moved here I have not been going to they gym as much as i should, eating a little too much fast food and not getting enough sleep. So why the apology?

Saratoga County is the healthiest in the state, and I should be doing my part to help continue that trend! A recent Times Union article has reported Saratoga County is the healthiest in the state, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

So what got Saratoga Country to the top of the list?  The Times Union says the study looked at what makes residents healthy (ie -Foods, Smoking, Obesity), and how long they will live because of those things. So how did other Capital Region counties do? Check it out:

  • 10. Warren
  • 18. Schoharie
  • 27. Albany
  • 35. Rensselaer
  • 44. Schenectady

You can see the rankings for the whole state in the Times Union report.

So Saratoga County, I am sorry and I promise to do a better job the rest of the year taking care of myself. I need to step up my game! :)



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