If you are like me, you were obsessed for a few days about April the Giraffe and her pregnancy. Now, I find myself remembering that she is still pregnant and then logging on to make sure she hasn't had the calf yet.

Let me just go on the record and say this: I don't think she's really pregnant.

Think about this, her name is April. Again, her name is April. Did anyone ask why they named her April? Is it a family name? Was her grandmother's name April? OR is it that they are taking us for a ride until April 1st and that's when they let us off the hook? Plus poor Oliver, the giraffe baby daddy. It's his first calf. If this is a hoax, I really hope he's in on it.

Here's another observation. Aprli has been pregnant FOR-EVER. I realize the gestation of a giraffe is 15 months, but how brilliant would that zoo be to have millions of people watch, be informed, and then draw so much attention to their zoo and education of giraffes? I think this is a great marketing ploy.

The only downside, is that people will be mad, BUT hear me out. Whenever we are duped, we always try and blame someone else instead of saying that they got us.

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