I just don't understand entitlement.  I have always believed in the fact that only hard work reaps great reward.  And most certainly, I have never needed or wanted someone else to take care of me. As long as I am able I want to provide for myself.

I also believe in equal rights. I believe woman are good enough and strong enough and in many cases better than many men.  So yes, they should have all the rights a man should have.  And among those rights, the right to take care of themselves as best they can.  I think in matters of a mutual, no fault divorce, they too should have some self dignity and pride and say, I will walk away from this relationship with what I deserve and no more. If you are married to a celebrity, sports star, or successful businessman than leave with what was yours and what you directly helped acquire.  But if he made his money before you , and you were married for three years, how can you possibly think you should take half? Really?  And more importantly, how can you live with yourself for doing it.  If you want to be supported in that fashion, re marry another rich guy.  Just my opinion.

Well, that being said, here's a story we covered in "Stupid News" today where right wins out in the end. Enjoy.

God Bless.

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