No big deal, just a coyote hanging out following us around the golf course yesterday.

This happened while some buddies of mine and I were playing at a golf course located about an hour south of Albany on Sunday. At around the 14th hole on the Poughkeepsie course, we spotted a deer hanging out behind a tree looking around rather cautiously, which is pretty typical. But then another friend of mine noticed a coyote about 30 yards away, standing relatively still, looking around for a snack.  The coyote and the deer never did meet eye-to-eye, but it still made for a pretty tense moment. The deer meandered back into the trees while the coyote stayed out on the course basically hanging out without us for a few holes.

Aside from my buddy (who's lived in the city most of his life) annoyingly pronouncing coyote like "KAH-yote" it was pretty awesome to see a predatory animal that, while not super rare, is certainly something I'll never see living in Albany, and definitely not in Center Square.

It is estimated there are about 20,000 coyotes living in New York State. Honestly, it didn't look much different than a domesticated dog.  It actually had the appearance of an underweight Husky but the way it darted across the course you knew this wasn't somebody's pet.  It wasn't looking for trouble, just probably looking for a quick meal. And just like that, he was gone; disappearing into the trees just like the golf balls we slice off the tee.

Here's a quick video I took from the cart:

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