I was fortunate to be at the awesome Albany Empire game last night.  Matty Jeff and I had blast representing WGNA;  throwing out t-shirts, pumping up the crowd and hosting a halftime 'air guitar' contest!  Not sure if any of you in attendance noticed, but when the fourth quarter started and the Empire scored, some idiot went running out onto the field throwing out t-shirts while kicker Kenny Spencer and crew were attempting the extra point.  The man was within feet of the players and got screamed at by Spencer -and others- to "Get the $%*! off the field!"  That guy was me. Let me explain.

In my defense, the Albany Empire field crew told us to go out there and I shot out of the end zone - t-shirts in hand - like a bull at a rodeo!  What everyone failed to didn't realize was that it wasn't the time for us to be out there as Albany still needed to attempt the extra point.  As I reached the part of the field where the players were lining up to kick, that's when players from both teams were shouting at me to get off the field.  Kenny Spencer was leading the charge.  It was like slow motion as he was yelling at me, flailing his arms, and motioning to exit the field immediately.

The play by play of my friend Jason and sister Sherri (filming) is hilarious as they knew immediately I needed to hightale it back to the other end of the field.  Humiliating; yes.  But really, it wasn't my fault, I swear!

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