This is always a dilemma of sorts for me. Tomorrow will mark the 11th anniversary of the tragedy at the World Trade Center. Clearly it is the single most upsetting tragedy that we as Americans have faced in decades and I'm sure that media outlets throughout the country will be doing different things to observe the date.

I was speaking to some friends about it the other night and it made me wonder what if anything we here at "The Sean and Richie Show" will do. I know that I for one agree that we "should never forget", and to be honest I don't know how we could. I also believe however that in many ways the terrorist get some sort of perverse pleasure from our pain. I wonder if they, in some dark place inside themselves, mark the day as their greatest victory over America, and revel in our continued sadness.

I wonder if they are in some room together watching American television and laughing that we , even after all this time "recognize" their achievement. I don't know, it's just a feeling i get.

So I ask you my friends, what do you think would be appropriate? I know we usually have moments of silence at the appropriate times of the morning. Should we do all of them? One? Some people read the names of those lost in the attack, others play news reports from that morning. How much attention do you think we should pay to this 11th anniversary of the tragic events of that day? How would you handle it if you were in our shoes?