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Local Trooper Dies From 9/11 Related Disease
Sad news today as the New York State Police informed the public about the passing of a true hero. Trooper Michael J. Anson, 56, from Albany County died from an illness stemming from his assignment at the World Trade Center following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
New Jersey Teen Climbs the Spire of the World Trade Center
16 Year old Justin Casquejo of Weehawken, NJ wiggled through a security fence, made his way past a guard, and climbed our nationals tallest building on Sunday!  He took a series of pictures from the spire atop 1 World Trade Center today before he was apprehended by authorities...
Incredibile + Shocking Photos of Sandy Damage, NYC Flooding
The photos flooding social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram as well as Facebook are just shocking to see. Lower Manhattan is flooding, the power is out in large parts of NYC as the city takes a beating from Sandy. Also Atlantic City and other cities along the east.
How Should We Mark The Anniversary Of 9/11?
This is always a dilemma of sorts for me. Tomorrow will mark the 11th anniversary of the tragedy at the World Trade Center. Clearly it is the single most upsetting tragedy that we as Americans have faced in decades and I'm sure that media outlets throughout the country will be doing different t…