Personally, I've come to assume that my relationship with my darling husband is absolutely the opposite of average!  In fact, we didn't do any of these relationship milestones at the most common times.  But, I think that's good.  It make our story unique.  How does your relationship compare to this new study by that found the number of days into a relationship when the average couple hits 10 major milestones.

Here they are -

1.  The first kiss happens after one day... And sex happens within 31 days!

2.  Saying "I love you" for the first time happens after 144 days, or just under five months.

3.  Updating your relationship status on Facebook happens after 157 days, or just over five months.  Really?

4.  Meet their parents after 170 days, or about six months.

5.  Your first argument ALSO happens around 170 days in.... coincidence?

6.  The first overnight trip happens after about seven months

7.  The first vacation together happens after 10 months

8.  Pop the question after 743 days, or just over two years

9.  Head to the wedding chapel at 1,190 days, or a few months into your third year

10.  Have your first child at 1,422 days, or right around four years



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