Once September rolls around, you hear all about "pumpkin this and pumpkin that." But with apple season in full swing, we wanted to show you just how apple cider donuts are made.

To demonstrate the donut-making process, our friends at Lindsey's Country Store in Clifton Park helped out.

What makes a cider donut a cider donut? It is infused with apple cider like the fresh cider you can find at Lindsey's Country Store. Watch the video below to see how the donuts are made.

Lindsey's Country Store has been making apple cider donuts since 1988 and, honestly, practice does make perfect. If you get caught up with other fall activities like jumping in leaves, or taking in the scenic views, and do not have time to make your own donuts, stop in the store and pick some up!

To take a peek at what else Lindsey's Country Store has to offer click here and check out their many treats and gifts. You can also go right to their store, located at 1537 Rt 9 in Clifton Park. Happy fall!

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