Sadly in this day and age there is a major problem in America and right in our backyard with homelessness. There are many stereotypes that people have when it comes to the homeless. Many people have said to me over the years, "They did it to themselves." I would have to say in a lot of stories that center around drug addiction and alcoholism which led to someone's homeless state that there is a lot of truth to that statement. However, there are some people that just have bad luck and they are homeless because they can't retain work or work for an income that can afford them the luxury of rent and a roof over their head that many of us take for granted. Locally, a homeless man did a wonderful thing recently and he didn't have to, but his moral compass is fully in tact which is awesome. Hassel "Junior" Barber of Kingston is homeless and many of the locals in the area have seen him on the streets for years picking up bottles and cans each day. On Sunday he stumbled upon a lost wallet with $485 cash in it. He called the police immediately and turned it over to them so its owner could get their valuables back. Rewards have been offered to him since he did the good deed, and "Junior" doesn't want them, he just simply told the police that he "wanted to do the right thing." Karma will pay this man back for his honesty in the face of the adversity he faces every day. The full details on this great feel story form News 10 are here.

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