I read with much disapproval Jake Thomas' blog yesterday (and he's my boss, so I may be stepping on thin ice here, but damn the torpedoes). I have to respectfully disagree with his apathy! 

Jake!  This is exciting stuff.  History was made yesterday at the Iowa caucuses.  It was down to the wire.  At one point,  there was only a 1 vote difference between Mitt Romney and his closest opponent, Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum?  He was considered an upstart not too long ago!  And at the end , he was just 8 votes behind.

This is like a sporting event to me!  I love watching the political process unfold, and I don't think it's too early at all!  We need the time let their personalities unfold so we get a really good look at these people.  This is the potential leader of the free world we're talking about here.

And just for the record, according to CNN.com

The closest previous margin of victory in a GOP presidential contest was 257 in 1936, when Alf Landon won the 1936 South Dakota primary. In 2008, Barack Obama earned the closest-ever margin in a U.S. presidential contest, defeating Hillary Clinton by seven votes in the Guam caucus.

So sorry, Jake, but especially if people are unhappy with the state of this great country, NOW is the time to start getting active and using the political process instead of ignoring it!  Take THAT, Jake!

What's your feeling about the results of this history making event?  Would love to know!  Leave your comments here at the end of the blog!