You're going to have to help me with this one, are there any "Suicidal Deer" signs here in the Capital Region?  I can't say that I've seen any, but you'll have to let me know if you have one near you!

This particular story is from Iowa where members of the community want the "Suicidal Deer" signs taken down because it's insensitive to families who may have had a loved one commit suicide.

The complaints were taken to the leadership of the town, and it was decided that the signs should remain standing, but future signs like it will not go up.

Now, I could be totally off base here, but I think we, as a society are being too sensitive in general.  And I think this story is an excellent example!

The signs warning drivers about deer really don't need to say "suicidal" but at the same time, those signs have nothing to do with the tragedy of human suicide.


I mean, I've had a member of my family commit suicide and I feel like this sign has nothing to do with him at all.  I've also hit a deer and had it ruin my car, my bank account, and my day... sooooo.

What do you guys think?  Am I wrong about this?  Maybe I'm not being sensitive enough.  But it definitely seems to me that we are collectively just surfing the internet constantly trying to find something to piss us off or offend us.  We need to stop!