Candy Crush, Words With Friends, Word Brain, these are just a few of the games that I have found myself addicted to in the past but none as much as the latest craze, Pokemon Go. I have to say that this one is different though, in many ways. I think the differences are what is making this game such a worldwide phenomena right now.

Here is why you and your family may want to try this game out. Unlike most games people play on their computer or phones, this game is something you can and should do WITH someone else or even the whole family. Yesterday we all went on a Pokemon "hunt" , in fact we did it twice. If you were driving around Clifton Park and saw a few adults, a couple of kids and a dog walking around and yelling" I got one over here!" that may have been us. It was at least a half hour of walking each time.

The other thing is just that, the walking. This game is actually designed to not only make you walk but also introduce you to interesting places in the area. The "Pokestops", where you go to get more supplies are all located at historical or culturally significant places in the area. There are a few here in the Pine Bush Preserve for instance where they bring you to see the signs about the trails and the endangered species that the preserve protects.

So why not try it, get out there catch some Pokemon and maybe have a little fun as well, I know the dog will love the extra walks too. Don't forget though as Caden's friend Savannah points out at the end of this video with hysterical unintentional timing, to stop and look at the flowers on the way!