This is LITERALLY the first game I have ever played on a portable device besides solitaire. I only downloaded it because it was free.  But it is fantastic.  it's StickyMan Golf 2.  Anybody?

I tell ya, graphically it's pretty simple.  It's a stick figure with a golf club in his hand.  But I swear to you, it has kept my eyes bleary for many an evening , and if you like the game of golf in general, you will need visine yourself once you get into it.  It's a regular game with 9 holes and all that, but there are some "sticky" situations that you find yourself in.  Hard to explain, so I found a video from YouTube

As they explained, you can also play against other people.  I tried a couple of times but they gave up on me after the 3rd or 4th hole (because I was so BAD, not because I was so GOOD!)

It's available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices too.  I found it for free at APPS GONEFREE  but not sure if it still is.

photo by Richie