Does it drive you nuts when people pronounce things wrong?  Then you'll probably be really good at this quiz! published the five words we mispronounce most.  They based it on how many people click the audio button next to a word online, to see how to pronounce it!

Bethany asked Sean to pronounce the words this morning.  He didn't do too bad... which is good considering his job is to pronounce words.

Here they are, see how well you do!

1.  Coupon.  (Pronounced KOO-pon.)  A lot of people say "KYOO-pon"

2.  Mischievous.  (Pronounced MISS-cheh-vous.)  It's three syllables, not four.  But a lot of people say "mich-CHEE-vee-ous."

3.  Reservoir.  People ignore the second "R", and say "res-UH-voir."

4.  Prerogative.  It starts with a "P-R-E."  So it's "PRUH-rogative," not "PER-ogative."

5.  Espresso.  A lot of people say "EX-presso", but there's no "X" in there.

Here are the bonus words:

"quinoa"  (Pronounced KEEN-wah.)

"sherbet" (Pronounced SHER-bit)  Some people say "sher-BAY".  And "sher-BERT" has become so common it's considered an alternate now.

"almond" In America we say "all-mund" but in other countries they say "AH-mund."

Sean and Bethany

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